The CS3055-I GSM universal wireless alarm communicator can he used in a backup or primary role. The G53055-l connects the alarm control panel to the GSM network and reports alarm signals directly to a monitoring station receiver (Sur-Gard7M System Il/System Ill). For those customers not using a traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) phone line, the communicator can be utilized as a primary alarm communicator. The 653055-I uses the GPRS data channel of the GSM network to ensure low-cost, high-speed and reliable alarm communications and is compatible with any control panel that communicates using the Contact ID format.

Product Features:

  • Compatible with any control panel that communicates using the Contact ID format
  • Full event reporting
  • Uses GPRS data channel for high-speed, reliableand low-cost communications to an P receiver
  • 4 on-board inputs
  • 4 on-board outputs (open collector)
  • SIM card (included)
  • Activation and initialization via the automated telephone activation system (VRU) or web-user interface provided by CONNECT 24TM
  • Advanced programming via web-user interface
  • Compatible with Sur-Gard System Il/Ill monitoring station receivers
  • Special rate plans available through CONNECT 24
  • UL/ULC listed

How it Works -

The G53055-l is installed between the telephone connection of a control panel and telephone line. When used in a backup role, the communicator assesses the connection to the PSTN phone line, and if that has failed, it then connects to the GSM network to send an alarm signal to the monitoring station. In a primary role, the communicator simply sends the alarm transmission over the GSM network immediately.

Alarm signals are transmitted directly without the need of a clearinghouse to the IP linecard of the monitoring station receiver (Sur-Gard System Il/System Ill).