Motion Detector

Dual Element Passive Infrared Motion Detector


Definitive Analysis

aasfsdfIf your detector can't tell the difference between intruder threat and a family pet - consistently - then you are prone to false alarms. Our detectors are designed with a unique lens system plus high density digital analysis for true pet immunity, which gives it the ability to distinguish between Humans and all household pets under 21/2 ft up to 85lbs.

Excellent Detection

sfsdfsdFeaturing 2 PIR elements - positioned for both horizontal and vertical coverage - ensures maximized intruder catch in addition to true pet immunity. Such accurate detection is direct result of patented multi-level signal processing for each of the 2 separate elements. The entire system adjusts automatically for "fast/slow", "near/distant" motion and responds within a fraction of a second.

Self Adjusting

Regardless of temperature fluctuation - which tends to swell or shrink a detector's sensitivity , our detectorsdd detectors ensure seamless security from 32° F to 122° F. Automatic temperature compensation maintains maximum catch without any increase in risk of false alarms from any source.